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Parameters pin - string - PIN showPin - boolean - Show Pin or not

Retuns correct - boolean - If the inserted pin is correct or not

exports.msk_banking:openNumpad(pin, showPIN --[[boolean]], function(correct)
    if correct then
        -- Do something

-- Example
local pin = MSK.Trigger('msk_banking:getPIN')
exports.msk_banking:openNumpad(pin, false, function(correct)
    if correct then
        TriggerServerEvent('msk_banking:getPIN', pin, true) -- Opens the ATM


Parameters checkBankcard - boolean - Check if the player has a Bankcard

Retuns mainAccount - table <identifier, cash, bank, iban> - The data of the main account secondAccount - table <identifier, bank, iban> - The data of the second account hasBankcard - boolean - if The Player has a Bankcard or not. If set to false then it's always true

local mainAccount, secondAccount, hasBankcard = exports.msk_banking:getBankingInfo(true)


Parameters jobname - string - The job you want the data from - Optional

Retuns societyAccount - table <identifier, bank, iban, name, label> - The data of the society account

-- Return the Account of your own job (
local societyAccount = exports.msk_banking:getSocietyInfo()
-- Return the Account of the given job
local societyAccount = exports.msk_banking:getSocietyInfo('police')

societyAccount.identifier -- 'police' -- 5035
societyAccount.iban -- 'SALSPD' -- 'society_police'
societyAccount.label -- 'LSPD'


Parameters playerId - string|number - The ServerId of the player

Retuns bursted - boolean - whether a Cartridge is Bursted or not while an ATM Robbery

local bursted = getCartridgeBursted(playerId)

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